Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corporation is a private mortgage company which is owned by its shareholders. Those shareholders own its shares which are broken down as follows:

Class A Common Shares — These are the voting shares, which are sold for one dollar each. Each shareholder owns one class a share, which gives them one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Class B Common Shares — These are the dividend eligible shares, also sold for one dollar each.

For example, someone may wish to invest $50,000 into the business. The cost would then actually be $50,001, representing 50,000 class B shares and one class A share.

Once you become a shareholder, you are eligible to receive dividends [which are treated as interest for tax purposes], on your class B shares, from the date of the investment until the end of the company’s year end, which is August 31st of each year. Once our audited financial statements are completed by our accountants, the yield is calculated and your portion of profits is distributed to you, within three months of fiscal year end. If you wish to reinvest your dividends for the purchase of additional class B shares, dividends would start to accrue on the new share purchases as of the beginning of the new fiscal year, September 1st. Interest is paid out annually within 90 days of our fiscal year end, which is August 31 of each year.

Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corporation is a company which invests most of its funds in a variety of mortgages thus reducing risk. These mortgages are spread through the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. As of August 31, 2023, the Company owned, or had invested in 390 mortgages. Approximately 96% of the total dollar amounts were first mortgages, and the balance second mortgages. Over 95% of the portfolio consisted of residential mortgages, and the average mortgage totaled approximately $231,500.

A Mortgage Investment Corporation is a special company set up under the Income Tax Act. It is special in that its shares are an eligible investment for a self administered Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Registered Retirement Investment Fund, or a Tax Free Savings Account. Therefore, if you wish to invest in the shares of the company through the above mentioned accounts, you may do so by opening a self administered RRSP, RRIF, or a Tax Free Savings Account, effecting the purchase of the shares through that account. In this manner, the income received from the fund would be tax exempt.

Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corporation has been in business since 1996, has been consistently profitable, and has had very few losses relating to bad mortgages. Over the past 27 years, our net return has averaged Prime + 5.1% since inception (1996-2022) and Prime + 3.52% over the past five years.

Redemption Policies & Guidelines

Our Shareholders Agreement specifies that redemptions are to be limited to one every six months. In other words, two redemptions, six months apart, are permitted per fiscal year. The Agreement also states that redemptions are permitted, providing they do not have “negative repercussions on the operations of the business.” The reason for this clause is to ensure that a large, unexpected redemption or redemptions do not hurt the operations of the business or have a negative impact on the return for remaining investors. In the history of the company, there have been no cases where we were unable to accommodate a request for redemption within a reasonable period of time, regardless of the size. However, as a courtesy, and to allow us to operate smoothly and profitably, we ask all investors contemplating a withdrawal to notify us in advance, with timing naturally being proportionate to the amount of the redemption, and to existing circumstances.

As a general guideline, for relatively small amounts, say under $100,000, we ask for a minimum of 30 days notice. For larger amounts, please notify us as soon as you know that the funds will be required. For example, for a $500,000 withdrawal, a minimum of 60 days notice would be requested. The reason we have been able to accommodate all requests within reasonable periods is that our cash-flow is very good. We have a $40 million credit line, we receive pay outs averaging over $4.0 million per month, and we receive payments on our portfolio totaling approximately $500,000 per month. So, our cash flow is excellent, but we are seeking long term investors, and appropriate notice of redemption is appreciated and required.