John Mercuri, President and Director

John Mercuri has served as a Director of the Company since February 2007 and as President and C.E.O. since December 2011. With over 27 years of lending experience, John directs all business activities for both Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corp, and the management/brokerage company, Premiere Home Mortgage Ltd. John began his involvement with Premiere Home Mortgage Ltd. in 2000, initially as a licensed mortgage broker, progressing through the Company to the position of President and majority owner in December 2011, and to sole owner in May 2013. John has been actively involved in the mortgage industry, most recently as a founding Director of the B.C. MIC Managers Association. Prior to joining Premiere, John spent eight years with Beneficial Canada Inc., a major consumer finance company specializing in secondary mortgage financing, holding several management positions throughout British Columbia.

John Ugyan, Director

John Ugyan is a Director and Past President of the Company, as well as a past owner/partner in Premiere Home Mortgage Ltd. Although retired from day-to-day business activities, John continues to provide vital input as an advisor to both companies, and sits as a Credit Committee member for Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corp. Prior to founding Premiere Home Mortgage 1985, John spent many years with the Toronto Dominion Bank and Bank of British Columbia, holding lending and management positions with both institutions in Ontario and British Columbia.

Franca Mercuri, Controller

Franca Mercuri is Controller and Secretary of the Company.  In addition to being a licensed mortgage broker since 2005, Franca oversees all administrative, banking, and bookkeeping functions for the Company, as well as for the Manager.  Prior to joining the Manager in 2003, Franca spent 15 years with Bank of Montreal holding administrative, personal lending and investment advisory positions during her tenure.

Reanne Harder, Senior Administrator

Our Senior Administrator, Reanne Harder, assists management in many areas, including shareholder transactions, delinquency and collection account management, as well as administering our mortgage renewal portfolio. In 2014, Reanne also became a licensed mortgage broker. Prior to joining Premiere in 2006, Reanne worked for several years as a Legal Assistant for two large law firms which specialized in the areas of Labour/Employment law and Real Estate/Land Development law.

Premiere Home Mortgage Ltd.

Responsible for managing the operations of Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corp. under a Management Agreement, Premiere Home Mortgage Ltd. has been in business as a licensed mortgage broker for 35 years.
In addition, they are also members of the Mortgage Brokers Association of B.C., Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, B.C. MIC Managers Association, and with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in both provinces.

Our Head Office Staff